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IT Centre aim to achieve the most resilient IT system for our customers.

We offer a maintenance contract tailored to fit the individual needs of your business, where you will also benefit from reduced support rates and prioritised response time.

Telephone Support

Single point of contact for users to gain assistance in troubleshooting technical issues, get answers to questions about products, and solve known problems.

Remote Support

With our remote support technology, you have online access to computer repairs.  We may be able to assess and resolve issues with your PCs, networks or servers directly from our offices.

Using encryption, the service is guaranteed to be secure.  We can only access your computers when you initiate it. Call us and we could be sorting out your problem within minutes.

On-site Support

When it’s not possible to resolve an issue via telephone or remote support, the problem can be escalated and our technician will visit your site.

Priority Response

We offer prioritised response for remote and onsite IT issues, with an agreed response time to suit you. This gives you peace of mind, knowing IT Centre is just a phone call away in any emergency.

Computer and Network Monitoring

We use leading-edge technology to monitor systems for any hardware and software issues, as well as backup and anti-virus monitoring and intrusion detection. This can highlight potential problems before they become critical.

We email you a weekly report, documenting system operation and highlighting any issues.

Maintenance and Optimisation

Regular maintenance and optimisation helps to ensure that your computers are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We can review the health of your sile system, remove junk and temporary files, manage patches, scan for malware, and test backup and restores.  We can also maintain hardware and software asset management information.

Software Installation and Support

Our technicians can install, configure and upgrade your software. Our specialist trainer can customise and deliver end-user training to suit your specific needs.

ISP and Software Vendor Management

We understand the importance of maintaining good relationships with third-party providers. We can liaise on your behalf with providers such as Spark, Vodafone, Chorus and software manufacturers to resolve issues smoothly. Often we have experience of what can go wrong, and can mitigate it before it does.

Reference Manuals

For timely and efficient IT support, it’s crucial to have comprehensive, up-to-date IT documentation.

If this is not available, we would strongly recommend that IT Centre undertakes an IT audit and produces the right documentation for you, as soon as practical.

Loan Equipment

We can provide swap-out equipment for all software and systems in the event of emergencies or system failure.