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Not everything in business is certain. Having a sound IT strategy and plan can be critical not only to ensure your IT is the best fit for today, but also so you’re well positioned for the future, whatever may come.

IT Centre focuses on safeguarding continuity and controlling costs.  We help organisations take advantage of new technologies with less risk, cost and uncertainty, with services founded on many years of consulting experience.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

Most businesses rely on mission-critical IT systems. Failure to plan for scenarios where these are unavailable can be devastating. IT Centre can advise on how to ensure critical systems remain operational in the event of a disaster or major problem such as a server or network outage by:

  • allowing timely recovery of critical operations
  • minimising loss
  • meeting legal and regulatory requirements

IT Systems Audit

IT Centre can review your systems to make sure they’re meeting your business objectives. We will:

  • ensure secure, appropriate and effective operation
  • create reference documentation; and
  • recommend improvements.

Data Mobility

All businesses are becoming mobile – from accessing data with devices outside the workplace, to remote working via cloud-based services.

IT Centre will help get your business data mobile, with policies and procedures to keep it secure and accessible. Our tailored support and maintenance covers Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.


We have a training specialist who can deliver standard end-user training courses, or customise these for your specific objectives, projects or staff needs.