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The ease and efficiency of cloud computing is fast becoming the ‘new normal’ for many businesses – removing the capital expense of on-site servers with excellent flexibility, mobility and security.

File Storage, Access, Sharing and Synchronisation

The ability to back up files, store them in the cloud and automatically synchronise data across multiple devices has radically changed the way we use IT. No matter what you put into our cloud storage and synching solution, you will be able to access it nearly anywhere.

IT Centre’s cloud service provides:

  • access control to files for your employees and clients
  • an easily managed system for multiple users
  • enterprise class security and privacy controls
  • FTP service without complexity or additional hardware
  • easy transfer of large files without clogging your mail server
  • secure access to files from any PC, MAC, or mobile devices
  • ability to keep a local copy and auto-sync with online storage
  • mapping online folders on to your desktop.

Online Backup

We offer a comprehensive, ultra-secure backup solution which monitors, protects and recovers your critical IT systems and data – all for an affordable monthly fee. We can protect your critical business data, minimise the possibility of data loss and keep your business running, with:

  • quick, flexible access to data when you need it
  • support to get you up and running if the worst happens
  • a scalable solution that grows as your business grows.

Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Email & Calendaring

Do email problems affect your business?  The IT Centre can help you overcome issues like spam, virus attacks and lost emails with Office 365 hosted email.

Office 365 offers numerous benefits:

  • Flexibility & Convenience: shared mailboxes, calendars and contacts with delegated access – which can be synchronised over multiple devices
  • Security: protection against viruses and spam, while allowing genuine emails through – with the ability to recover deleted items easily.
  • Continuity: the cloud-based system keeps email working with less risk of data loss
  • Archiving: no email is ever lost with the easy-to-search cloud based archive. Plus it frees up server space.

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