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FREE – IT Disaster Recovery Audit

FREE – IT Disaster Recovery Audit One of the most significant, and yet common gaps in New Zealand organisations is the management of IT disaster recovery. If a catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster (earthquake etc.), office fire, or even a more minor event such as file deletion or corruption, were to happen would

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Client Showcase – Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds

When global car brands head south to test their latest models in sub-zero temperatures, Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground knows it can rely on its network to stay in control and up to speed – no matter what the cars are doing. Skiers and snowboarders aren’t the only international guests to flock to Wanaka in winter.

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Wanaka’s IT Specialists Positioned for Growth

IT Centre, the new identity of Wanaka Computers, officially launches today, heralding a new era of growth for the home-grown company. But while it’s losing the town’s name from its brand, IT Centre Managing Director Rob Facer is clear about crediting Wanaka’s go-getting spirit for the company’s growth. “Wanaka is incredibly entrepreneurial and outward-facing for

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