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Last month we shared an article about the benefits of investing in quality technology for your businesses growth. Read the full article here

In the past we’ve also talked about how you actually go about planning and budgeting for IT within your business, as well as some thoughts around purchasing hardware and leasing options.

Here we look at some examples of companies that have invested in quality technology, and the growth they have experienced, plus offer some tips for small businesses in New Zealand.

Hortinvest invests in technology:

An example of investing in quality technology is local company Hortinvest. 

Hortinvest is an Otago based company that develops and manages orchards which produce export-quality fruit, providing returns to those who have invested in the projects. 

Over the years Hortinvest has invested in technology and constructed a leading-edge packhouse outfitted with the latest food-grade technologies. 

All parts of the process are computer controlled or monitored from picking in the orchard right through to packing.

This has seen them become leaders in their industry.

Photo 2022 -Packhouse at Tarras

Ross Kirk oversees construction and fit-out of the high-tech Lindis Coolpac packhouse at Tarras.

Tesla knows how to use technology! 

Looking further afield, Tesla is a great example of a company that knew from the beginning how to use technology in business to stand out. 

Tesla cars are highly innovative, eco-friendly, future-proof, and easy to maintain. The way that Tesla continues to achieve such good results is with continuous investment in effective technology.

For example, Tesla was one of the first car manufacturers in the world to introduce software updates over the air. All you need to do is to download a software update using Wi-Fi and launch the installation.

But what about Small Businesses?

If you are a smaller business, investing in technology is a win-win solution. Starting off on the right foot means that you can create systems and processes that ultimately save money and increase efficiency.  

Here are a few examples of investing in technology and how it can help your business:

Cybersecurity: Investing in good cybersecurity from the outset ensures that your business is secure against cyberattacks.

The right systems: Investing in good processes with accounting systems, HR systems, CRMs, and communication tools such as Teams makes your business run much more effectively. 

Password Management Tools: Setting up passwords from the start saves time and money as well as enhancing security. 

Email set up: Setting up email correctly from the beginning has been shown to save employees grief and companies a lot of time and energy.

IT Hardware: You can read our article here about things to look out for when buying IT hardware, as you can spend a lot of money on the wrong hardware. 

In Summary:

Technology is evolving rapidly, and investing in good quality IT and technology will stand you in good stead to future proof your business. Not only that, it could give you an edge on your competitors.

If this all feels a little bit overwhelming, please feel free to reach out to us at IT Centre for a chat about your specific requirements.