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Microsoft are making some Security Enhancements to their 365 Cloud Services.  These enhancements are being implemented and driven by Microsoft. As your IT Services partner we want to let you know the impact on your business and staff for those that have a Microsoft 365 account.

What is the Security Enhancement ? 

Microsoft is preparing to implement what is known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which they say;

“can block more than 99.9 percent of identity attacks that attempt to compromise your 365 accounts.” 


When enabled, MFA will require your 365 users to approve account sign-ins using a feature on their cell phones.  

Although MFA is not enabled immediately, your users will have to install and configure the “Microsoft Authenticator” application on their cell phone in preparation for when MFA is enforced.

When is the Security Enhancement Enabled ?

Microsoft are turning this feature on for customers any time from now onwards.

Impact on your users

  • When Microsoft enable this Security Enhancement, at next sign in, your staff will see a prompt to install the Microsoft Authenticator app and register their account with the app.  
  • Users can defer the setup for 14 days but after 14 days they will have to perform the registration.  
  • Please encourage users to do this as soon as possible as our Help Desk may be not be able to assist immediately if they were to call us at the last minute.

What your users will need to do:

In the first instance, go to https://outlook.office.com and sign in (if already signed in then sign out and sign in again) and follow Microsoft’s on-screen instructions.

If users are having trouble setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app then contact the IT Centre Help Desk on 03 443 5499 for assistance.